Hygiene Equipment

Hygiene Equipment Rentals

Hygiene Equipment Rentals are available in Gauteng and the Western Cape. We are a leading provider of sanitary equipment for use in ablutions, washrooms, kitchens and general use areas.

Our equipment is fully imported and will compliment any washroom area, replaced at no charge for malfunction and is fully serviced and maintained on behalf of our clients.

We also stock a full range of consumables and spares for the hygiene equipment you rent from us and our expert team is available to service or repair any equipment when necessary.

Provision of Sanitary Dispensers and Hygiene Equipment

Hygiene Equipment Consumables

We supply, deliver and install all hygiene equipment consumables for any items leased from us.

Hygiene Equipment Rentals in Cape Town & Gauteng
Sanitary Bins Toilet Roll Dispensers
Sanitizer Dispensers Paper Towel Dispensers
Seat Sanitiser Sprays Seat Sanitiser Wipes
Air Fresheners Soap Dispensers
Wall Mounted Bins Hand Dryers (Towel/Blowers)
And More...
White Range of Hygiene Equipment