Fat Trap Cleaning

Fat Trap Cleaning Service

Crystalmount offers professional Grease/Fat Trap Cleaning Services in the Western Cape (Cape Town) and Gauteng. We specialise in the cleaning of both commercial and industrial Fat Traps and are authorised to issue the necessary compliance certificates.

Grease Trap Cleaning Includes:

Professional disposal of the waste from the Fat Trap.

Removal of the waste from the premises after each service.

Issue of a legal certificate of compliance.

Professional disposal of all waste.

Fat Trap Before Cleaning

Fat Trap Before Cleaning

Fat Trap after Cleaning

Fat Trap after Cleaning

IMPORTANT: Includes removal of all waste (including all Fats, Oils & Grease) eliminating the need of client storage, reducing malodour in the kitchen area. All waste removed is disposed of using licensed incineration, ensuring legal compliance.

Cleaning and Sanitisation of Grease Trap Systems

High Risk Fat Trap/Grease Trap Considerations

Illegal dumping, if caught, will attract substantial fines and penalties and may lead to the closure of a kitchen/business.

It is recommended that Fat Traps/Grease Traps be cleaned out every thirty (30) days – more often in busy kitchens producing large quantities of this waste.

  • Crystalmount is legally licensed to transport hazardous waste.
  • Crystalmount makes use of legally licensed incineration operators in order to dispose of the waste LEGALLY.
  • Crystalmount will remove the waste from the premises after each service – no client storage needed and no constant malodour in the kitchen area.

Fat Trap Services Include

Deep Cleaning of your Fat Trap(s)

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of fat trap removing fats/oils/grease

Anti Odour applications/chemicals used

Anti-Odour Treatment

Chemical treatments to reduce bad smells.

Sanitization of Grease Traps


Complete sanitization of the fat trap after cleaning

Removal of Oils & Fats from Premises

FOG Removal

Removal of Fats, Oils & Grease from your site.

HSE Certifcation provided


Waste removal certificate valid for 30-days

Crystalmount Workplace Services has partnered with KULU BIOFUELS to turn your Fat Trap Waste into Bio Fuel for a greener South Africa. This will be displayed on your certificate.