Extractor Cleaning

Kitchen Extractor Cleaning

Kitchen Extractor Cleaning should be carried out at regularly to ensure optimal performance of your extraction unit, while also complying with current legislation (OSHACT) and SABS protocol (SANS 1850: 2014).

Extractor Cleaning Includes:

Stripping, cleaning of Canopy/Hood/Filter Sections.

Cleaning of the Chute/Flue.

Cleaning of the Extractor Fan & Motor

We clean the entire Kitchen Extraction Unit

IMPORTANT: We will issue the necessary Certificates as per current regulation (OSHACT).
Service Stickers with information for Service Inspection and planning provided.

Cleaning of Extractor Flue/Chute

There is a legal requirement to service/clean your kitchen extractor unit due to the HIGH RISK of a GREASE FIRE in the kitchen and the building – building owners/managers, restaurant kitchens and commercial/industrial kitchen managers/owners will be held liable and responsible.

HIGH RISK: Not cleaning the Kitchen Extractor regularly also poses a food contamination threat as the fat/grease drips down into pots and pans containing food during the cooking process.

HIGH RISK: Not cleaning the Kitchen Extractor regularly will damage the entire system but in particular the motor section as the blades become “caked” with heavy grease and cannot rotate as designed – replacing the motor section of the Kitchen Extractor system is a very costly exercise.

Important Information

  1. Your business and service details are entered into our system for AUTOMATIC service reminders – no need to remember WHEN the next service is due as we do this for you.
  2. Our service department will email/call in order to set up all services as they become due.
  3. Service Certificate included


We also do PIZZA OVEN/CHIMNEY CLEANING – this should also be done at least twice a year.
Not cleaning your pizza oven regularly also poses a risk of fire.