Housekeeping Services (Daily Cleaning)

Our Housekeeping service provides daily cleaning or scheduled cleaning of your commercial or corporate space.

Classically referred to as ‘Housekeeping‘ our service includes commercial, retail and industrial cleaning to HACCP Standards.

Housekeeping services to HACCP Standards

Crystalmount Workplace Services brings a higher level of professionalism to the pest control industry, setting a new standard in safe, effective products and application techniques to aid in the prevention of common pest infestations.

Daily Cleaning of Commercial, Retail & Industrial Sites

OSHACT, HACCP approved Daily/Scheduled Cleaning

Our services comply with all OSHACT, HACCP and other statutory legal requirements.
Our cleaning staff are fully trained, appropriately clothed in Personal Protective Wear and will meet your Health and Safety Requirements.

We provide a custom made service to meet the continual and changing needs of our clients.

Depending on the size of your site and cleaning requirements (how many cleaners), there will be a supervisor in charge of the site. In pursuit of quality service, we monitor, review and audit procedures to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed at all times.