Professional Health, Hygiene and Specialised Cleaning Services

As a long standing and well established national service provider we are able to meet any specialised challenge which our clients have.

We set the standard in the Cleaning Industry

Breaking barriers for professional health, hygiene and specialised cleaning services is how our reputation was built.

Crystalmount Workplace Services is a trusted and recommended service provider with a national footprint in South Africa with main hub branches in Gauteng and Cape Town.

Our national client base is made up of all critical industries including but not limited to: Mining, industrial, commercial, retail and the food services and production sectors, which also includes the restaurant industry.

We are also approved as COVID-19 Decontamination Specialists.

Professional Cleaning & Hygiene Services (Cape Town & Gauteng)

We are proud to announce that in our fight to protect our client’s businesses from the devastating effects of COVID-19 our company has sterilized over 3 MILLION m² of production space. Find out more about this highly specialised service.

Crystalmount Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Professional after-hours cleaning of Commercial/Industrial Kitchens.

Professional Extractor Cleaning in Cape Town & Gauteng

Extractor Cleaning

Kitchen Extractor cleaning in compliance with OHSACT.

Hygiene Equipment Rentals in Cape Town & Gauteng

Hygiene Equipment Rental

Rental of hygiene equipment and sales of consumables.

Pest Control Services and Equipment Hire

Pest Control Services

Pest Control of Rodents, Crawling and Flying insects.

Covid-19 Certified Sanitization Service

How We Work!

Our professional cleaning, sanitization & pest control services all start with a professional process…
We prefer to do on-site inspections before quoting except where scope of work is easily determined.

Book an Appointment for your cleaning service

Schedule Appointment

Contact us to let us know what Service(s) you are interested in and schedule an appointment for an on-site inspection.

Crystalmount does an onsite inspection before quoting

On-site Inspection

In most cases it is essential to have an on-site inspection carried out to ensure you are quoted the correct price for the service required.

Professional Cleaning Service Quotes

Quote Process

Once assessed we will send you a  quotation containing the details of the required and/or recommended Service(s) for your approval.

Professional Cleaning, Pest Control & Decontamination Services

Service Delivery

When the Quote terms have been met our team will schedule an appointment with you and carry out the required Service(s).

Crystalmount Workplace Services pride themselves on being organized enough to cope, professional enough to care!

Get professional, high quality cleaning and decontamination services on a “Local”, “Provincial” and “National” level.
Services offered are available for residential, retail, mining, medical, industrial and all other commercial sectors.